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The Keokea Gulch Riparian Corridor Rehabilitation Project (Phases I and II) is being conducted as part of a partnership between the Maui County Office of Innovation and Sustainability, the Hawaii Department of Health Clean Water Branch, the Central Maui Soil and Water Conservation District, Haleakala Ranch, and Maui Environmental Consulting, LLC. The purpose of this rehabilitation project is to improve water quality within Keokea Gulch, plant and promote native dryland forest, reduce the amount of wastewater entering injection wells, provide opportunities for cultural experiences, community outreach and involvement, and to educate the community on native dryland forest ecosystems and habitats. 


Project Overview

So far, over 3,000 dryland native plants have been planted within the Keokea riparian corridor. This project uses 21,000 gallon of R-1 water per week, reclaimed from the Kihei Wastewater Reclamation Facility. The entire project is protected by feral ungulate fencing. Sediment loading has been reduced by 9.7 tons per year, nitrogen loads by 75.5 pounds per year, and phosphate loading by 15.3 pounds per year. This project also provides an ideal location for cultural activities, volunteer work, fundraising, public outreach, and educational opportunities.

Before and After


Vounteer Days

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