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maalaea.jpg was created in 2012 to offer information on the watershed partnerships and watershed plans that exist on the island of Maui. 

Three watershed partnerships exist on the island of Maui. They include the Mauna Kahalawai Watershed Partnership, East Maui Watershed Partnership, and the Leeward Haleakalā Watershed Restoration Partnership. Each are voluntary alliances of both public and private landowners committed to the common value of protecting forested watersheds for water recharge, conservation, and other ecosystem services through collaborative management. 

In addition, watershed plans have been created for the West Maui Mountains Watershed, Pohakea Watershed, and the Southwest Maui Watershed. Maui County is currently working with the Hawaii Department of Health Clean Water Branch, Maui Environmental Consulting, LLC, and stakeholders in the community to develop the Maʻalaea Watershed Plan.  These watershed management plans aim to protect sensitive watershed resources and to restore resources that have already been degraded by agriculture or urbanization.


The Southwest Maui Watershed Plan was developed for the Central Maui County Soil and Water Conservation District (CMSWCD) in 2019 to provide sediment reduction measures for the 49,688 acre planning area comprised of the Hapapa, Wailea and Mo’oloa watersheds. The area extends from the summit of Haleakalā to the coastal areas of Kihei, Wailea, and Makena.

The West Maui Ridge to Reef Initiative is an all- encompassing approach across multiple agencies and organizations to address adverse impacts to coral reefs in West Maui. The objective of the initiative is to restore and enhance the health and resiliency of West Maui coral reefs and near-shore waters through the reduction of land-based pollution threats from the summit of Pu`u Kukui to the outer reef. 

The Central Maui Soil and Water Conservation District recently completed the Pohakea Watershed Management Plan to address land based sources of pollution entering Maalaea Bay and Maalaea Harbor. Funded by the Hawaii Office of Planning and Sustainable Development, Coastal Zone Management Program, and working with the Hawaii Department of Health Clean Water Branch, Maui County, the Plan designed projects to reduce land based pollution entering Maalaea Bay.

The West Maui Mountains Watershed Partnership was created in 1998 and has 10 partners. It covers 48,000 acres and was formed for the long-term protection and preservation of the West Maui Mountains Watershed.

The first Watershed Partnership on Maui, East Maui Watershed Partnership was created in 1991, involves 7 partners and 5 associate partners, and encompasses over 100,000 acres. The landowners of the forested watershed area of East Maui participate together to protect East Maui’s native rainforest and primary water source in perpetuity. They do this to ensure the goods and services of the watershed are provided to the island’s communities and for the continued health of East Maui’s unique native plants and animals.

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