3. The Central Maui Soil and Water Conservation District needs to create detailed maps depicting the locations where both implementation projects will be conducted and water quality data will be collected.


2. The Central Maui Soil and Water Conservation District must develop a robust monitoring and assessment plan to capture the effects of the watershed plan implementation projects.


  1. The Watershed Plan must offer load reduction estimates for each of the proposed implementation projects listed in the watershed plan.


4. The Watershed Plan must put forth a detailed project timeline for determining individual project progression. Ultimately, these timelines will be used as an indicator of each implementation project's level of success.

Watershed Plan Points to Address

The Southwest Maui Watershed Plan (Plan) was developed for the Central Maui County Soil and Water Conservation District (CMSWCD) in 2013 to provide sediment reduction measures for the 49,688 acre planning area comprised of the Hapapa, Wailea and Mo’oloa watersheds. 


Unfortunately, the Plan is not currently recognized as a priority watershed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) Clean Water Branch (CWB). Because of this, the Plan in its current condition is not eligible for federal 319 Grant Program funds and the various projects for improving water quality within the watershed are not able to be implemented. The CMSWCD has been given four specific points to address in order to elevate our watershed's status. The CMSWCD is in the process of creating a Watershed Coordinator position to ensure the following issues with the original Watershed Plan are addressed. 

Southwest Maui Watershed Plan

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